There are many different varieties of both raspberries and blackberries that are sold fresh via retailers to the public.

Raspberries – usually red in colour, but some are golden – can be sometimes found with names attached (if you are lucky), and you may be interested to see some of the following :

  • Main southern season public varieties – Sandford, Chilliwack, Tulameen, Chilcotin, Coho
    RABA has also just introduced Cascade Delight
  • Summer -Autumn fruit –Heritage, Himbo-Top®, Bogong
    RABA has recently introduced Autumn Treasure
  • Driscoll’s® brand (year-round depending on production region) – proprietary varieties.

Blackberries – some early varieties are more likely to be labelled by variety as they mature in shades of reddish purple rather than the true black of the later main -season types. Availability is generally according to seasonality, as follows:

  • Early season –Boysen, Karaka, Krimson®, Logan, Marion, Ranui, Young
  • Main season – Chester, Loch Ness